Looking For New Representative for the SARMSSEARCH Team!


New member
Hey everyone!

I underwent some issues on my end with the company, I fell off the map for a few weeks, and now I am starting over with a clean slate from scratch. We are looking for some more help on the boards.

SARMSSEARCH has solid, properly dosed ******** that keeps their quality at the top of the list for SARMS companies. Check out our previous logs and you will see members love our ********.

What we want: Hungry, enthusiastic members who have10 free minutes a couple times per day to log onto their respective boards and reply to threads, answer questions, organize loggers, education on sales and discount codes, potentially run their own log, and be an outgoing representative for the company. You will be working under me and will report to me and then I report to the bossman.

We offer reps a (1) bottle of your choosing per month per board payment. If you have a skill in writing (articles, product summaries, etc), we can discuss more options.

If you are interested. Post up in here and also send me a PM so we can discuss the opportunity.