Lost My Mojo!!! Help!!!


-Flesh Eater-
Today is the last day of clomid.. Ran it for 21 days three weeks after last shot of sos ands deca. Now my balls look back to normal but I will be damned if I dont feel horney or care much about getng it on with a woman. Now dont get me wrong I still get errections when Im with a woman and what not but I dont feel that horney feeling I used to get.

Example.. I could give shit about beating off and before this cycle I was beating off once a day If I wasnt getting any real loving!

Its fucking up my game when I go out to meet girls!

Any ideas?!

I ran a very similar cycle and had the same problems too.
3 weeks of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) at 500IU's ED with 20mg Nolva fixxed everything.
Im a happy man :D
Did you wait 3 weeks before starting post cycle therapy? You need to wait 3 weeks with both sos and deca. With deca you should go 4 weeks with your post cycle therapy (pct). Deca can shut the hpta down hard, you might to try something else on your next cycle.

I included Deca in both of my prior cycles and had the same problems. My last cycle was w/ EQ and everything is fine.
Yes I waited 3 weeks before starting the clomid. I will run the clomid for another week.

I will look for that Maca and Trib.

No more Deca for me!