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First off i just got off a cycle.. 8 weeks
500 sus1-3
750 sus 3-6
500 sus 7-8
w/ winstrol tabs about 40 mg ed
I have clomind and NOVA and have used them ..I am now on my 2 week of clomid with one more to do..

TODAY i found a marble size ball under my left nip , not right under it but to the side.. I can pinch it and roll it around... If i put pressure on it , it hurts not bad but discomfert..

WHAT IS IT...?? IS IT GYNO....????

HELP neede badly ..scared



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I have had the painful lumps go away after test levels come back, I think its the non-painful lumps your really fucked on....mastia for sure.


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the situation with me is that i came off one of my first cycles incorrectly, and had a painful lulmp under my nipple.
It stayed there for the duration of the time I was off until I got onto my next cycle when it dissappeared overnight.
Thats why im thinking it was low test levels that caused it and I do consider myself lucky.
I know people who have gyno and they have no pain at all just big knots.


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you guys say PAIN , I have a bit of discomfert not PAIN ....Yes it's a pee little ball ..But DOES GYNO just pop up like that no warning at all..

And why cannt a DOC help..?????...???
OH bro's thxs for the help if i forgot to say, not trying to bite heads off just a bit scared..... How long should i run NOVA for..???


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keep running it untill the discomfort subsides and the lump has subsided, its generally a few weeks i will say 3 as a minimum, the reason for not seeing a doctor is A) he will ask you about steroid use and if that goes on your medical records you are fucked for health insurance and because B) there isnt a thing he can do that is any better then nolva.


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not really pain but discomfort especially if someone pinched it.

just keep running it and maybe take something like tribex to up your test levels.

you can pick tribex up at GNC etc...


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DAMN I HATE GYNO!!!!!!!! Although if you grow a nice set of tits give me a call bro...........LOL........just kidding man ......good luck


rpwhit777 said:
DAMN I HATE GYNO!!!!!!!! Although if you grow a nice set of tits give me a call bro...........LOL........just kidding man ......good luck


bro, run you nolva at full dosewage for a week, see how it is doing, then taper down for 2 weeks...sounds like a good gig to me..



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doc's never have good news.... if you want to hear something bad goto the dr. But if you wait it off youll never know =) and plus itll go away without the dr. Cancerous or not =)


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Run 40-60mg/ED until the lump subsides and then go down to 20mg/ED and run that until you feel your safely out of harms way. I'd say at least 2 weeks.