macro or utler or any one else who know about refractory period issues??


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whats up, ive talked about this before in other threads but never really made my own thread about it. Any way, off or on cycle i have a very long refractory period. Im now on an ssri but pretty much always experienced this. i know there are drugs like bromo ect. What can i take long term/ all the time or right before sex to make me horny again after i bust a nut in like 5 min. thanks alot for the help any one.

also i have acces to any blood work i want, so if you suggest any prolactin test or any thing i can get them.

I could even make love to my self in secret and then have a family member take my blood for prolactin levels right after, the reason i say this is because i was reading on mm that it could be not proclatin levels all the time but the rise post ejaculation.Not sure if blood testing works liket hat but any way any help?