Mass Amount Of Fina!!!


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Ok I don't know if this thread should be here or not some I am sure some one will move it if need be. Ok, here is my situation:

I got 10000mg of Tren or 10g and I want to know in everyones honest opinion should I buy a 10g kit to convert it all or should smaller kits be bought to convert??? I am looking for quantity of a 75mg/ml dose, basically what the standard dose should be. Here is my math work so you guys can see what I have come up with so far.

10000mg/75mg/ml = 133.3333ml then i factor in a 15% conversion loss (it what I read from more knowledgable people) and that comes out to 113.33ml.


So that what I got theoretically. 113.00ml @ 75mg/ml using a 10g kit. I passed this by Chem but got no answer so now I am asking the masses. If you guys got any supprot on this please pass it my way, especially those who have experience in this. THanks for all your guys' help.

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All kits that chem my knowledge are designed to produce a concentration of 100 mg/ ml. I would just use a 10 g kit and if you want 75 mg....just use 3/4 a cc