Mass Routine...


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yo fellas.

ne1 got a serious mass building program. 1 bodypart per workout day? I give up on training my bodyparts more than once a week.

Thanks Guys.
Mass is so easy. 3 days a week for an hour with:

deads, squats, bench, military press, rows, incline, dips, chins

4000-5000 calories per day

8 hours sleep

Anything that keeps these elements will work.
I personally enjoy 1 bodypart per day. I spend 30 minutes in the gym each day, any longer seems like a waste of time to me.
Slobberknocker is correct on his view of the importance of your diet while attempting to put on some pounds. Be sure to eat clean foods to minimize fat gain.
also gradually up your calories to risk gaining alot of fat...I also spend 30-45 tops in the gym, I incorprate all the basic lifts in my routine and it works good for me. I do the clean and press for the shoulders and so far it's working wonders for me.
Do 4-8 reps max with 3 sets resting 1-3 min