Mid Cycle blues


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I am mid cycle with 4 1/2 months left untill showtime. Running GH 5 days a week. Slin on and off. T-3 also. Came off Tren about 5 weeks ago. Was using A bombs also ending 5 weeks ago. Used D-bol at the beginiing of the cycle being 15 weeks ago. Using only about a gram of Cyp a week also ... I have from now untill March 15th to continue bulking,,, any suggestions.
Well, since you only have about 6 weeks, you definitely need something fast acting. Unless your planning on using Tren again when cutting, I'd say get back on some for the rest of your bulk phase. If of course you are planning on using some Tren in your cutting phase, then I'd say maybe jump back on some dbol at a moderate dosage.
Been debating that exactly! How about both? Any thoughts on changing over to enan.? Instead of continuing on Cyp?