mixing dbol and winstrol in the same container for oral use only.


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A friend of mine is running dbol and winstrol together. Besides the fact that running to 17aa AS is very bad on the liver is there any reason these 2 cannot be suspended together in alcohol and used for oral consumption. If 5 grams of each powder were added together along with enough alcohol to make 100cc's then that would make a solution of 50mg of both dbol and Winstrol (winny) per ml, correct?
only real issue is solubility - shouldnt degrade significantly and should be fine -wont taste to great but oh well :)
I have mixed the 2 and used it myself. I only wanted a little Dbol in with my Winstrol (winny) so I had a 20mg Dbol and 50mg winny/ml. Strength went up ALOT and with a little arimidex I didn't bloat at all. I only did it for the first 4 weeks of my cycle and I loved it.

I think your best bet would be 10% BA, 30%PG and 60%PEG. I used this and added the solvent in the order listed above. The Winstrol (winny) and dbol dissolved in the BA after it was heated, I added the PG, heated and shook it, then added the Peg 400, heated and shook it.

It stayed in solution even when it got down to 10 degrees last winter out in my car. Taste isn't the best but it is a great mix

I would suggest buying 1000 "OO" empty gel caps and just inject into them and swallow. it save you that shitty taste. Hope this helps.