my 10 mg bd-fake or real



i recently ordered a buncha 10 mg dianabol from <SOURCE EDITED - NO SOURCE POSTS>
i got some very small pills( 10 mg, i just didnt expect them to be that small). they are square shaped, with the letters BD( british dragon) engraved on one side and the number 10 (10 mg) engraved on the other.
does anyone else have this gear or maybe ordred from this webiste.

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ya those are the d-bols i always get too. If they are square pink tablets with "BD" on 1 side and "10" on the other will a score line so u break in half then they are legit. They are from British Dragon and come in a package that say methanabol on it. should have the bd authenticy sticker on it too. and say the mg and how many tablets too. i think they come in 500 and 200 but they could vary too.


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Sorry to ruin the fun but you might want to edit out your source. Holy shit that stuff is expensive also.
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yea man im taking the 10 mg methanabol tablets myself they look just like what you many you taking a day


3.5 but when i get more supply ill start taking more.............btw this whole thread is hypotheticle and also i got 100 of them