my brother is going to


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take the plunge .

i will be helping him out . its will be his first cycle. i will keep it test only [enanthate]

i see some here say 500 a week is to much for a first timer. would front loading 700 the first two weeks than dropping it down to say 350 a week from there be to much to start with.

or drop the frontload and just run 350 a week throughout the cycle.

clomid and nolva will be used accordingly.

he is 31 years old
bf% is up there but working on it . hes eating better and doing his cardio as i am too.

any input would be greatly appreciated

My first was test only, and I thought it was great. I think I'd FL, although I know people have differing opinions on that, I think pharmacokinetically it'll get the levels up quicker. Your numbers are reasonable.
thanks guys, i like frontloading so i will do the same for my brother. gets things going sooner IMO.

so i will have him frontload the first two weeks 700
350 there after. for 8 to 10 weeks
i front loaded my first time @ 750mg/wk for the first 2 weeks then back down to 500mg/wk. Great first cycle, 30lbs baby!!!!
I dont think it would be a good idea to front load on his first cycle. His body has never seen that much execess testosterone. I suspect he would get one hell of a case of the test flu. You might want to try to convince him to lower his bf first before jumping into AAS.
I also question front-loading on a first cycle, or any cycle for that matter where you are trying a new compound for the first time. You just don't know how you are going to react.

If you still choose to do the FL, then I would only do it at double the maintence mg. for the first week, not for two weeks, as you do not want to overshoot your goal. ie; 700 mg week one, then 350 mg every week after, for your example above.
I guess a little dbol would be the way to go from the general consensus. But, in theory, if hes doing 500mg a week, 1g on week onne, would have his blood levels just like say week 6, so it really shouldnt make difference.