My cutting cycle. Using this as prep for a show in 2004


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I am currently 230 pounds standing 5'6". Been bulking heavy and the BF must be around 18-20% easy. When I bulk, I fuckin bulk. I love the strength that the extra weight allows me to push. But to get back on track, Ive been training for about 7 years on and off. For 3 years straight from ages 17-20, then off completely for 2 years(years 20 and 21) Then back into it again for the last 2 years. Im 24 now. during the last 2 years Ive taken one 2 month period completely away from training and another 5 month period completely off of training. Been back in the gym since Sept. and Im the biggest that I have ever been. Now I know this cutting cycle may look extreme but Im using it as my prep for one year from now when I am going to enter my first contest. Im very into bodybuilding and have been for a long time. My cycle experience is very extensive. Ive got 6 very nice cycles under my belt. The shortest was 12 weeks. The longest was my last two cycles at 6 months.

So here it goes

Starting March 30th

Test E...............Weeks 1-18 (400mg/wk)
EQ....................Weeks 1-18 (700mg/wk)
Liquidex............Weeks 3-20 (0.5 mg/ed)
Fina..................Weeks 6-20 (75 mg/ed)
Winny...............Weeks 11-20 (50 mg/ed)
Clen..................Weeks 11-20 (2 weeks on/2 weeks off)
T3.....................Weeks 11-20 (12.5, 12.5, 12.5, 25, 25, 25, 37.5, 37.5, 37.5, 50)
HCG & Nolva.....10000IU every 7 weeks(1000IU ed for 10 days with 20mg Nolva ed during those 10 days)
Im hoping to get my hands on some GH and run it at 2-3IU's five days a week but so far it doesnt look good as far as me getting some.

I will agree, diet is the key here. Im fairly confidant that my diet looks good. Currenrly my bulker looks like this

330 grams of Protein
375 grams of Carbs
130 grams of Fat
Approx 4000 cals.
(6 meals a day, sometimes 5)

I am planning on starting off my cutter at this

330 grams of Protein
275 grams of Carbs
65 grams of Fat
Approx 3000 cals.
(7 meals a day)
I was planning on starting like this and after about 8 weeks seeing where I am and making any adjustments and keeping my eyes open that last 12 weeks.

I have pretty slow metabolism and it really intensifies(slows down a lot more) during bulking. But it seems like when I cut fat and a little carbs out of the diet and make sure im eating every 3 hours, that I can cut up pretty decent (metabolism gets going good)as well and keep a very decent amount of muscle. For instance, the last cutter I did, even though I had been off training for awhile before I started, ended up keeping me at the same weight after 3 months while losing about 7% BF. Mind you I would think a lot of that had to do with muscle memory intertwining with the diet.

Just looks to hear any feedback or some suggestions to alter a thing or two. Any comment on the diet would also be nice. Sorry for such a long post. Figured you would all like to know a bit more about me before you gave me advice thats all................J
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I haven't done many cycles and I don't compete...but it looks like u will be one ripped mofo by the end of that cutter.

nice name by the way :)
Your cycle is well planned. The only issue I have with it is the test selection....Test Enath. I persoanlly feel is great but you should use Test Prop or suspension in this stack or at least come off on this to control your test levels better..GFI
I would suggest switching to propionate on week 16, and depending when your ocntest is, i would cut it out the week before the show. Are you running the cycle up to contest day?
I honestly am not a big fan of Prop for a couple reasons. 1, I hate the ed or eod day injects. 2, I seem to get a lot more aggressive on Prop (dont ask me why) and this really isnt a good thing considering my temper already. I do agree though that starting to run some at week 16 does make sense.

Roadhouse, I was planning on running the cycle up to week 20 and then see how i look. Ill take lots of pictures then and for the next 2 weeks after that to see when it was that I looked my best. I will be documenting evertyhing right down to how much sleep per night I am getting. I am seriously planning on going into this show in the summer of 2004 and winning it...........J