My Cycle...would like input from friends here


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Hello my friends,

I have a cycle here I would like for you guys to look at and let me know what you guys think. I trust ALL MY FRIENDS here that you would help out. So here goes:

1-10 500mg test (2 shots @ 250mg on Mon and Thurs)

1-12 75mg Tren ed or eod ( I will do site injects on the days I work that body part, on the days I do not it will go into the glute or thigh)

1-4 50mg of A-50 for 3-5 weeks (perferable the 5 week range)

For the Post cycle:

Day 1 300mg (6mls) of clomid
Day 2-12 100mg (2mls) of clomid
Day 13-23 50mg (1ml) of clomid

This will be take 1-2 weeks after the cycle is done with.

Nolvadex will be take @ 20mg eod for 1 month.

If you guys got any other suggestions on what else I might need or if you have any suggestions on what you would do to improve...PLEASE INFORM ME!!!!

Thanks to all of you who will help me on this and I will post a log of my success with the cycle when started.


Thanks fellas for the support and advice. I will keep every one informed on how I am doing from day one to the last day. Wish me luck.

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Trevdog said:
It looks great. IMO 75 mgs. of tren eod really isn't enough, I recommend shooting it ed.

100mg eod is fine for me. With some prop and eq my cycle is going nicely. I am also using supra tren and not homeade, I have been swayed to powder.