My Cycle


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Its My second cycle I am takeing enanthate 250 and dbol. Iwas wondering if I should stack it with anything else. I want to look like someone shoved an airhose up my ass. Any help would be great. I eat all the time even off cycles.
hedmunkey said:
I am 6'3'' 230 %12-18 body fat. I want to take 20mg a day of dbol.

well if this is your second cycle I'd agree with that dose. However your already a pretty big guy at 230, so I'd bump the dbol to at least 25-30 mg a day for the first four weeks. If you want to be conservative then you can start at 20 mg and increase if needed, but I think you'd be better off just gion with 25-30 right off the bat.
I agree with Brock - up the D-Bol.

Also, you were asking about adding to your stack - 400mg / week of deca or eq = quality gains.
i agree add a little eq, test, deca to that 8 weeks max 400-500mgs a weeks you will see much better results, 1 cc test ethan equals 50 x 5 mg d-bol pills