My first insulin shot was today; *PLEASE* critique


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Ok I did 2 iu when I got home from the gym (about 10-15 mins. after last set) then chugged down 100 grams of dextrose and 50 grams of WPI w/ 20 grams of creatine and amino acids. I should have put it in the blender but instead I stirred it up and everything clumped together but nonetheless I got it down. About 45 mins. later I had A very big sweet potato and fat free fish (whiting filets) with 10 grams of glutamine. I think I'll have an MRP in an hour or so.
My fat intake was low before the shot and very little to no fat during the 4 hours after shot. I know the 100 grams of dextrose was a little overkill for a measley 2iu's but I am paranoid and just being cautious. Tomorrow I'm gonna shoot 4iu's and eat the same way and keep working up till I get to 10 iu's. I think how I ate today would be sufficient with 10 iu's as well, do you guys agree?
Please address any comments, questions, or concerns. Thanks
Iced- thanks bro. From what I've read you know your slin so that makes me feel way more confident.

turbo3000-yes I am using humalog. Although most people do get there dextrose from supplement direct, I opted for
I found this site when doing a search for dextrose on this board. Yellowjacket posted the link to the dextrose and I went ahead and purchased it.
There prices seemed to be better than SD.
Does look good. But damn 100 dextrose is over kill. You must remmeber that even when not eating any fat. All those unused dextrose will be converted to fat. But it is a very maybe too safe of a dose.
Hey bro
I agree that 100 gm CHO probably more than you needed. But I support your paranoia and I applaud your restraint. There's plenty of time for shaving things closer when you're more experience w/ slin.
You can do just the pure CHO, dextrose or Maltodextrin alone at the time of the shot, then add your WPI in 30-60 minutes. I think your recipe from today would be fine with your eventual 10 units. Just continue to avoid the fat.
You'll get better at this, just don't get too cavalier when you gain confidence; that's probably when many people screw up!
Slin is amazing! It is not as bad as the rep it has! I believe only only an idiot can mess it up, but caution and education is key.

Just let your body talk to you! It will give you all the signs. Remember, when diabetics feel hypo, they only take a 5 gram glucose tab. Only 5 grams of carbs to stop the feeling.

You are doing just your way up and lower the carbs if you can. The addition of creatine, glutamine, and WPI is an excellent choice!
until you find the carbs to iu dose for you, id definitley run some r-ala, to help with nutrient partitioning. Not regular ALA, regular ALA has been shown to stop glycogen synthesis
thats a bunch of dextrose for such a small amount. but it is good your being cautious.

However, i would say to also take in a slower digesting carb with your dextrose (maybe toss some oatmeal in the blender with it).
i like a maldextrin mix myself, 70/30 malo/dextrose. The malodextrin is more of a sustained release.
Thanks, I am wanting to try slin in 3 months. I still haven't gotten down what all I am going to be consuming post workout after my shot. I still have a ton of research to do before I take the plunge.
Turbo3000 said:
Thanks, I am wanting to try slin in 3 months. I still haven't gotten down what all I am going to be consuming post workout after my shot. I still have a ton of research to do before I take the plunge.

Now there's the attitude we need to see about, not only slin, but Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) too.

Wow! Thank you for all of the comments!

I agree with you guys about the 100 gr. of dextrose. It was my first shot, I was nervous, you know how it goes. Everything was absolutely fine though so tomorrow I think I will take down 75 gr. of dextrose on my 4iu shot, but keep sugar nearby, just in case. One thing I forgot to point out before was how hard it was to measure 2iu's of slin! It's a really small amount and it really didn't look like I had anything in there because I could barely see, lol. I have the 1cc 100iu 29 gauge. I think i need something smaller!

In response to Nutri-Wrestler's comment, I thought about putting oatmeal in the blender but got scared because 1/2 cup has 3 grams of fat in it! Is this small enough amount of fat to not worry about?
honestly no. But i would try to use as little fat as possible. Since your natural insulin is going to spike up, no need for tons of dextrose, which is used to spike your insulin naturally, just say maybe 30g or so to get your blood sugar up,. and th emalodextrin will be used fairly quickly since it is liquid, i would try not to use whole foods immedeatley post shot, because of th eslower absorbtion
i think you did fine. true it was over kill with the 100 grams, but its not going to hurt you. id keep taking 100 grams until your using 10 iu's then work the carbs down slightly as you get a feel for it. i also was going to try 2 iu's my first time with log but went with 4 because i didnt think anything would actualy make it through the pin. as far as 3 grams being to much fat or not thats all something you have to learn. i dont gain more fat than i have now no mater what i do so i didnt have to be all that careful, some people gain fat easily, wich insulin will most likely intensify.
Its scary takin that first shot isnt it bro. You dont know what to expect. Trust me you will know when theres a prob. Just make sure you have something close by to slam. Hypo is a scary bitch, and youll flip out. Ive flirted with the line some just so i know what to expect. Got a little to close onetime. I think i was prolly around 15 ius humalog and i took 75 grams of dextrose. Wow. Dont ever want that feeling again. Was shaking so bad i could barely scoop out the dextrose to crush it. Now i usually take 12 ius and 75 grams of dextrose. Id say the safe bet is to stay at 10gs per iu. I just hate all that sweet shit in my stomache makes me sick. Its good to see your taking it slow. But trust me you will know if theres a prob. Its not like , booom......your fucked. Its more like....damn what the fucks wrong with me......then you know you need sugar. Good luck bro......
Make your first insulin cycle your longest. Work your way up to 10 ius, which should take roughly 2 weeks. Then, start flirting with it a bit. Drop your grams per iu down to 8, then 7, so on. Have your shake pre-made, and some glucose tabs on hand. One tab will usually do the trick. If you take a shot, and feel hypo, wait a minute or two, and if you are not getting any better, then pop a couple of glucose tabs. The next time you workout, try the same dose of insulin, and same grams per iu to see if it was merely a matter of not eating that much that day, or overextertion etc. If you feel the exact same way the next time you workout, then raise your grams per iu. A word of caution though, if you are really feeling badly hypo, then screw the plan, your life is more important than worrying about overkill on carbs. Only use insulin when you are 100% sure you can be in control of your surroundings and diet after the shot. You do not want to be stuck on a freeway about to go into convulsions.