My Little Experiment


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Ok guys, I'd like a little feedback on this one. I'm starting my cutter next week. I'm 207....15% bf.....19 yrs old....
this'll be my 3rd cycle.

it's gonna be prop/tren/winny/t3......12 weeks....tren/winny the last 6 and t3 for 60 days at the beginning.

anyway, my theory is that if for the next 5 days or so....I eat like a horse....whatever I want, whenever I want, and how much I want. I'm thinking that this will speed up my metabolism so that when I start cutting I can lose a good few initial pounds off the bat. also, I think it will get all of my urges for fast food out of my system and maybe even make me sick of junk food, so I can eat clean a lot easier.

I think that in theory this may work. I just want some opinions on this and any medical advice if anyone's got it.
Doc Banner said:
the doc says your a mornon :)
why would it be a cutter if your diet is composed of fatty junk food. I say its wack. Especially using Winstrol (winny). it would bump up on the ldl fats and your diet wont help either.
no man, I think you got the wrong Idea, prolly a bad explanation on my part. I'm saying that for the few days leading up to my cutter I do this....and then when I start my cutter, I immediately cut down to low carbs and low fat.
u dont need too much bad fat and high cholesterol to gain increase metabolism. since your going on t3...carbs will be turn up the metabolism.
Bro I highly doubt eating all that junk will make you sick of it, if anything it will make you crave it more. My advice to you is to just stay clean.
I think his idea is to speed up his metabolism before going into the cutter. Just eat more meals more often. Combine that with the t3 and you will be good to go. Any added fat before the cycle is just going to be that much more you have to loose anyway.
Exkon said:
Bro I highly doubt eating all that junk will make you sick of it, if anything it will make you crave it more. My advice to you is to just stay clean.
I agree

I'm glad to see that you are going to use T3 without too much knowledge of what the fuck is going on. Just throwing caution into the wind .....You da man.

I think that you should step back turbo, and re think that next cycle. Bro you are putting a lot of shit into that cycle. Some patience is required if you want to do things safely. Besides you will most likely be wasting money if you take all that shit in one cycle. And t3 carries with it some dangers that AS don't. Become familiar with those before you jump in. U say that your 19 and this is your third cycle so i'm not even going to waste my typing on convincing you to take a break for a year or two. Just be patient and do this shit in moderation. If you want to look like Vin Diesel or some thing just realize that he's prob like 30 something, he is further down the road. He is a good celeb to watch evol physicaly, check him out in pitch black in like 99 and now in knock around guys, there is only about 15lbs difference over 3 years. It is unrealistic for you to believe that you can keep gains of 25 to 30lbs in short periods of time like 3months if you plan on ever coming off, cause there are a lot of big dumb weight monkeys that stay on AS all the time they just rotate drugs. Fucking morons,big,but morons. The fucking AS that you stated in your cycle alone will make you much leaner than you are now. I think you would do well with just those.

In fact you should send me all of your gear right now so i can test its purity.j/k I don't mean to sound like an asshole hear but think about it

ok.....well, I'm finished with that splurge thing. And guess what, it worked (to a degree), I gained minimum weight (2 pounds) and I can't hardly bare the thought of junk food. I was craving healthy foods today. My cycle starts in two days.

and for Muroman.......

Ok, so I don't know everything about all steroids, and yes I'm 19 years old. but why do you think I'm stupid and I want to be like vin diesel? is that a fantasy of yours? (j/k). But really, who knows everything about AAS? A very select few people know it all. I've been studying Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) for 2 years now, and I pretty much have a grip on what I'm taking, I research everything before I take it. I realize that t3 has a lot of risks, but I also know how to be careful with it. My cycle really isn't that much. For one, I've already used prop and Winstrol (winny) before. So the only new things are the tren and t3. the prop will run for 12 weeks at 350 mgs/wk.....the tren will run for the last 6 weeks at 75mgs/ed and the Winstrol (winny) will run the last 6 weeks with the tren at 50 mgs/ed. and the t3 is going to pyramid up and down for the first 60 days, going only as high as 75mcgs/ed and twenty of those days are as low as 12.5 mcgs to help get my thyroid back in gear, not to mention I will be taking googlesterones to help regulate my thyroid once I stop. ***by the way...can anyone quote me where I said I want to gain 25-30 pounds in 3 months?*** because I honestly don't remember saying that?!?!?!:confused: Furthermore, you have no idea how I train, diet, or any of my what foot do you have to stand on in stating your previous post?

This is not a flame post....I'm just clearing some things up. I've never conversated with you before muroman, so I can not make any sort of judgement on your character....BUT....I do think that you stepped out of bounds on that post, and I don't appreciate it.

I'm out....lata.