my new cycle


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i was planning on buying 50ml of 75mgs of tren by qv and buy some 250mgs of test eth. 50ml bottle by qv i was planing running like this
1-8weeks 750mgs and for 9and 10 a slight taper
start at week three of test with the tren
and run 75mgsed for 1-6weeks and for 7-8 weeks 75mgs eod and use clomid post therpy and use the insulin 3on 1off week thur the cycle

i have with the tren can i use 1-6weeks ed and for th e 7-8 weeks eod and get good results or just run 7 weeks straight threw ed 75mgs of tren
Run tren weeks 1 -12 eod, that way, once tren is done, three days later you start clomid, you will have two weeks of tren only (11,12) while the Ethanate is clearing.
this will the first time to do tren so can i get away from doing eod shots and still make good gains vs ed shots

which one is better ed shots or eod shots for tren
if ed shot is better i will save up more money and by some more tren