My spring cutter update.


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SO far progress has been kinda slow i think but im patient and i know i will achieve the results i want the cycle has been like this so far,

winstrol 50mgs ED for 4 weeks
T2 by bio test 3 tabs ED (waiting for t3 to get here)
CLA 16.6 grams a day
flax 3 tablespoons a day
ALA 3 grams a day
vit c 2000mgs ed
vit b12 injectable 1000mcgs eod

at the start i ate a whole shit load of food the day i weighed myself and drank like 2 gals of water so i was pretty bloated i stepped on the scale at 242lbs (yikes) {6ft0in} that was on april 2nd, as of today im 225 1/2lbs. im doing 30 mins cardio in the am (walking at 40mph at the 13.0% incline and then 25-30 misn after my pm workout same thing). my carbs are not even existing the diet i have is all chicken and 1 meal is beef veggies are broccoli and spinach, 6-8 meals a day ED. im pretty religious about it.

as of may 1st i now am on this

tren 75mgs ED
winny 50mgs ED
prop 100mgs ED
eq 1100mgs EW
1 amp omnadren EW (had left overs)

so that will be continued for 10 weeks as is until i hopefully get to 10% bodyfat or much lower like im thinking. im still waiting on my t3 but that will be added at 75mcgs a day then pyramided down. and at the completion fo the whole cycle i will do clomid, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), and be trying clen for the first tiem as a post cycle anti-catabolic. that is my update so far i will update again in a month. if anyoen has any helpful hints or tricks or suggestions or things to add please let me know. thanks

I would of waited and started the fina and Winstrol (winny) in the last 3-5 weeks then run it with the prop 3 weeks passed the eq. 10 weeks of Winstrol (winny) isn't a good idea, fina 6-8 weeks for your first time just to be safe. You didn't mention what cycle this was so if it not your first time using fina, forget what I said;)

That's alot of EQ. Taking that much would make me raid a supermarket. I get EQ hunger at 400mg, can't imagine what it would be like at 1.1 grams a week.

its my first cycle of tren, but it is my 3rd cycle offically i messed around a few times but i wouldnt consider it a cycle. thsisi offically my 3rd cycle. the eq hunger didnt get tome that bad at 600mgs a week thats why i kicked it up a notch.

what cani say

I like to jump in with both feet. the way i figure it i might as well do a dose i know that will yeild superior results. im no tin this game to fuck around u know. i dontthinkit matters that much its still a chemical ur putting intoyour body, itsharmful either way, u really think a cc or more than usual would make a real difference.