My Third Cycle.. AND hair loss


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im 93kgs, a bit of fat with that. im on my third cycle. first cycle was very soft. Second cycle was 500mg sus250 for 10weeks. as well as 30mg of dbol week 7 to 10.

This cycle im thinking about this:
Week 1-10 500mg of Test 250.
Week 1-10 100mg of Tren ethnate.
Week 7-10 50mg/day of stanabol.
then week 13-15 tamoflix (can someone tell me how much mg per day pls)

Okay so any suggestions of that cycle is welcome..

Also im a bit paranoid about hair loss, as ive heard tren can cause this in some people. If i start to experience hair loss is there a drug to stop or slow the effects? Whats the drug called and hows it taken?


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If your worried about hairloss I'd forget the tren. I also wouldn't run enanthate because you have to deal with the sides for as long as it lasts. I would run Ace your first time around so that if you need to drop it it's out of your system fairly fast.


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Test, tren, and Winstrol (winny) is a pretty potent hair loss 'cocktail' for MPB sufferers. If hair loss is a major concern, I would re-think your cycle.


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A DHT blocker wont do it for the tren. But, Nizoral shampoo is supposed to dig into the scalp and remove the androgens that cause the follicle to shrink. And spiro is supposed to work well for ALL aas. Som people disagree with that, but i read a post a while back that spiro should work for all Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) when it comes to hairloss. Adding topical spiro everynight before you go to bed, and washing with Nozoral in the shower should help. This is only what i have been told when i was putting together my tren cycle, so im sure the rest of the guys on this board can give you a better, amd more thorough answer.