Neck workout in a gym with no neck machines?


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Fair enough. Got some home-made neck exercise routines (I know I just set mjyself up for some sort of penis joke) that I could do at the gym?


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When I was doing Muay Thai we were proceeding as follow:

Take a belt, band, anything that looks like a belt, in strong cloth or leather (we used handwraps), get it through the hole af a plate (10lbs is fine if you don't want to wreck your teeth), make a tie, kneel or sit , bend over, bite the band with the plate between your legs and move your head back/forward. It's a kind of "neck curls" if you see what I mean.

I hope I've been clear enough, english isn't my mother tongue and it is difficult to explain it precisely.

But unless you're boxing or fighting I can't see why you want to train your neck. Heavy compound movements like deadlifts or squat will put meat on it anyway. Look at BBer's, all of these guys have thick necks and I'm almost sure that they don't train it specifically. And in fact I think that the "bull neck" look is pretty unsighty, I'd love to be able to put on mass without thickening mine.