Need help on cycle!!


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Ok guys here is what I have been doing for the last 2 weeks or so.

Weeks 1-8 500mg test (testoviron)
Weeks 1-8 100mg ed drol (bd)
Weeks 1-8 Winstrol (winny) 50mg ed (zambon)

Now before everyone starts in on this and that, please understand that I am a very expirenced user. I know my body very well. I also keep tabs on liver values and have blood work done before, during, and after the cycle.

For anyone that has never ran drol with Winstrol (winny), I will highly suggest you try it sometime. These two drugs make a synergetic combo that is unmatched.

Now on to my problem! I have been on the Winstrol (winny) for only two weeks now and my fucking joints are KILLING me! I mean its bad, real bad. I am not sure how much more of this I can take so I am considering switching to tren. But I think tren might not be a good combo with the drol? What do you guys think? Perhaps switch out the Winstrol (winny) and drol at week 4 for some tren and dboll?
bro us using 100 mg drol with Winstrol (winny) which bare 17 alk and ur worried switching to tren ???id switch to tren in a heart beat ,u wont be shitting out ur liver ,the progesterone sides might be problem but that if ur very prone to it .go for it .
I am not worried about my liver. AS I stated above I keep very close tabs on my liver, and besides I dont think 8 weeks is going to kill me.
The main thing I would be worried about with tren is the prog sides.

Any other input?
If your worried about your joints, throw some deca in there :) It will feel much better. That cycle makes me yellow just thinking about it, good luck with all that.
Deca probably would really help with your joints.

Drol and tren is a very powerful combo. Amazing strength gains.

Personally I've never had any gyno issues so I'm not really the guy to opine on that.
damn! tren or winny.....tren or winny.....tren or Winstrol (winny) or Winstrol (winny) and deca.

Lets hear some more pro's and con's.
The main thing that worries me about the tren is getting sick. That shit fucks with my immunity hard! Hell I might even just add the tren and keep the winny...........wwwwwhhhhhhoooo