new and revised spring cutter. opinions please.


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this is my revised cycle thank you to all who helped me change things around to be more efficient towards my goals. it is as follows now

Winstrol 50mgs/ED
Tren 75mgs/ED
eq 700mgs/week
prop 700mgs/week
T3 pyramid up to 100mcgs a day
nyc 3-6 tabs a day
stop all this at week 10

week 13 start
Clen 120mcgs/ED
clomid 4-5 weeks recovery
(im doing a bridge to the cutter thats why so long on the clomid)
hcg 500iu/week
zinc 100 mgs/ED
milk thistle 800-1000mgs/ed

ALA 3000mgs/ed
zinc 100mgs/ed
vit c 2000mgs/ed
vit b12 1000mcgs/ed
CLA liquid 8.8 grams a day
flax oil 2 tbsp a day
tylers liver detox
amino fuel

i know running the Winstrol (winny) that long is a little dangerous but the way i look at it the stuff im using and the dose i might as well do it for the most beneficial amount of time possible either way its still endangering my health. for the entire 10 weeks cardio will be 45 mins in the morning on empty stomach except for nyc and t3. also towards the end maybe week 6 or 8 start doing cardio at night also 25 mins. protein will be kept at 300 grams a day for the duration of the cycle and recovery. carbs will be lowered to 150grams a day maybe even less depending on how i respond to it. i think with the crazy amounts of cardio and the diet being perfectly tuned with the as and supplementation it will be a great cycle. hoping to get under 8% bodyfat. my stats are 5ft 10in 220 14% bodyfat i think i got it figured out perfectly this time. let me know what u guys think. if i should revise anything again. thanks

This is an extremely heavy cycle for cutting. You are running everything at high levels for long period of time. I am 5'8"206 at 13% so I am in a similar level of developement. I would not use but about half that amount of prop, and Tren. I Like the Winstrol (winny) and Eq levels tho. Drink shit loads of water and no rec drugs or alcohol. I personally believe that 8% is an easy goal for you with that cycle. Even if you diet isnt good just keep up the cardio. Peace.
well i dont

do any type or recreational drugs or drink i actually hate alcohol. i think with the addition of eq and prop it will make it a beter cycle.

wait explain

what is the deal with insomnia? also i think running the Winstrol (winny) for 10 weeks will maximize and solidify my gains nicely.