New to which powder


Hey...I'm still new to Fina....

So which of these 2 do I use for next time....

Trenbolone Acetate


Trenbolone Base USP24

Whats the difference?

And how much do you need? 1 gram or more of the powder
tren base and suspension would be a good combo for spot injections it seems, and pre workout. or short cycles. i may have to try that combo some day.
jyzza said:
so using 4 grams will make me 100mg/cc 40cc bottle

Actually you lose some in the conversion process. How much seems to vary but figure at least 3%, so 97mg/cc at best.
In the filtering process. The amount of oil you have is the key. People assume that a 4gm kit comes with 40ml of oil, so they go "4,000mg into 40ml = 100mg/ml".
However, a 4gm kit comes with 50-56ml oil. Therefore a 4gm kit with a 3% loss factor = 3,880mg of Fina. 3,880mg divided into 50ml of oil = 77.6mg/ml.
If you want a higher concentration use less oil. That will increase the relative concentration of BA, which could make the shots more painful.
I wanted as close to 75mg/ml as I could get so I used all the oil. I inject two ml's every other day.
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I dumped like 5-7cc of my oil when first making it or even more...all I know that at the end I had 38cc or so full of evil looking Fina..
A mix wold be intresting, say 75% acetate, 25% base. Shoot it one hour before a workout. So it would be 3grams of acetate, 1 gram of base. Of course, I would order plenty more. I think i usually see the prices of those for around $30ish per gram. Fairly expensive.

I just got done making my own first batch of fina and it looks great also. When you say powder do you mean after you crush up the pellets or is there a straight powder form out there:confused:
WannaBe said:
I never get 40ml of finished product. It is always 27 to 30 ml. Am I the only one?

your talking about using finaplix or comp th arnt you? they are talking about using pure powder tren here. there is much less loss.
WannaBe said:
I never get 40ml of finished product. It is always 27 to 30 ml. Am I the only one?

With a 2gram kit or 4gm? What happens to the rest of your oil? It must be in front of you somewhere. Even a 2gram kit should yeild 25-27 mls.
i used 2 carts in a 4g kit and got like 47mls , whats the average # mls gotten from 2 carts with a 4g kit?