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Hey bros, newbie here,

I am just getting started with my pc (skills)
anyway, i have been using hgh for about 10 weeks, and having some problems, maybe you all could help,

Anyway, my hands hurt, they are swollen, and the tips of my fingers are hurting, actually it is just one finger, but my hands feel like they are always swollen, is this a problem,

I am 5'11

Also, i stopped all Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) use, even t-3, is this a good idea, or should i continue to use a small amount of test, or fina,?I want to rip up,


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you seem to be ripped up already from those puffy at all? how much H2O are you taking? and welcome


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i was doing fine, abs and veins, i stopped taking t-3, winny,fina,test, and i started to feel lazy, tired and al the above, i have been taking 2iu, twice a day, and i just started taking 7 days a week, instead of 5 on 2 off, could this be the problem?
so here ae the changes>
i upped the dose of hgh, from 5 on 2 off, to 7 days a week 4iu a day
i stopped all Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) use and t-3

As a result i am tired al the time(although i also started a new job)
hands puffy, and one finger by my nail hurts kind of bad

I drink plebty of water,

Let me know anyhelp would be great


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Hey bro. I had the same problems as you, and it eventually developed into full-on Carpel Tunnel, to the extent that I couldn't make my fingers move for like 2 days! Try sitting there looking at your filanges, telling them to move, and you can't. You'll know how Chris Reeve feels real quick I'll tell you that!

In my case, the nerve was completely pinched off, but luckily(after immediate ceasation of the HGH) it came back. It was like trying to rehab an injury though, since the muscles in my hand were basically atrophied for two days. It was almost like trying to learn to use it again.

On a sidebar, I can't see how someone suffering from paralysis(where the nerves are cut off for long periods of time, thus completely atrophying the muscle for long periods of time), could ever recover. Mine was cutoff for only 2 days, and the hand was friggin next to dead.


Welcome bro...

The pain you are going through is not from Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) but from HGH...
I would continue your cycle but go off HGH or drop it down to 2ius ED and see how you feel....


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or should i go to 5 on 2 off, instead of 7 days a wek thanks for the input
Depending on your pain bro....I would bring it down to 2ius a day for ED..if you still feel the pain then you will have to get off it...for few weeks...


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Like Jyzza said before, Its not the Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) you are taking it is the GH.

GH will make you swollen, In the hands and feet. It also will make you numb in certain areas aswell. This is not a BAD thing. Its just GH doing its job and is active within your body..

A couple ways to help cure this problem would be to drink mass amounts of water per day. While on GH you have probably noticed a big increase of thrist. "This will not cure everything 100% but it will cut down alot"

Another way (depending on the amount of your pain threshold) would be to lower the amount of GH you are taking daily.

Hope this helps.