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I'm used to using xenadrine as a fat burner. Right now i'm using T3/clen, with somewhat good results, but i'm hungry all the time. What are your thought on an NYC?
I've been on it since the middle of January and I lost 23lbs of body fat.........with little jitteriness! I love it! I hope the new stuff NYC+ is equally as good.
I personally take two in the morning (4:45 am) with a table spoon full of cottage stomach can't take it when its empty. Then two again about 10 or so and two more about 3.....that way I don't stay up all night
Yohombine...the Y in nYc needs to be taken on an empty stomach. Taking it with food defeats the purpose of using the yohombine hcl that is in it. Insulin blunts the effects of yohombine hcl so you get none of yohombine's advantages by takinng it this way.
I started taking NYC for the first time today..

Im shocked becuase Im not all cracked out.

With clen, I felt SOME side effects, but with NYC.. none.. except the usual increased peeing..

Im eager to see how this plays out.. Im doing CLEN/NYC/ECA 2 weeks of each
i cant find nyc in the af store site can anyone tell it for me it specifically?

another thing what would someone that ways 165lbs need to take for this effect to take place?
I wish there was black market nyc, i've heard so many guys who swear by the stuff. Someone should make it for research purposes atleast.
In my opinion nothing is as good as NYC was. That was easily the best fat loss product we ever sold. But some people like T-rex better. It's a shame the FDA shut off NYC.