oh when I was young and stupid


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I'm just looking for a little input/info/suggestions, This is my story, when I was 18 (now 25) tried steroids for about a month. I'm not sure what it was that I took but I think it must of been a test of some sort( or maybe deca given the sides, but can't be to sure). I think I took about 4-5 shots over 5 weeks ranging from half a ml to a ml. being the dumb naive kid that I was I didn't research or check with a doctor or do any prelimanary research.

I know it was real because my nuts shut down hard and have never fully come back (along with my sex drive). I can still get it up but never has been really the same. (Except when doing a cycle, even then not sure if my sex drive is/was the same as before)I never took any post cycle therapy, for I did not Know at the time that there was such a thing as post cycle therapy and i just quit with out tapering off. About three years after I went to a doctor(BTW GP's don't know shit, my next visit will be an endocrinologist) to get my test levels checked. I do not remember the exact count except that they were in the lower end of normal range. Now my question with regards to all of this, given proper therapy (clomid, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), nova) will my nuts and hence sex drive ever return to normal?(even though my test was in the lower end of normal) I have done a few cycles since my visit to the doctor because given my not so great natural test levels I have A bit of trouble gaining weight and have discoverd that I don't feel like a castrate like I do a lot of the time off cycle. Or am I going to be relagated to the world of HRT?(which would not bother me as long as I can feel like a REAL MAN again)

Further more, I'm currently on a cycle of Winstrol (winny) with a bi monthly shot of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) at half a ml(which together seems to be pretty good for the sex drive and keeping my ejaculatory volume up)
and have started dating a girl while on cycle. does any body have any suggestions as what to do when I go off so my girl does not think I have lost total interest in her?

I know this may be a lengthy post but part of the reason why I joined the board is to give and get feed back from others to further enable my (and other peoples) abilities as a serious weight lifter(s) and to do it with out having to go into things blind like I did when I was 18. Further more, If there are young people reading this that are considering using steroids that they wait till post adolecance and seek the advice of an experienced person with regards to steroid use, wether it be a vet or a physician. so this being the case they(Young guys) read somthing like this and reconsider what they are doing so they do not have to go through life not knowing wethere they permanantly fucked themselfs up like I think I may have.
The cycles that I have done since have not been to harsh and I have done post cycle therapy,(clomid HGC)but my nuts have never seemed to return to normal pre-first stupid fuck up cycle size:confused:
I don't think that doing any post cycle therapy now will result in anything. Obviously your normal( or at least what it returned to) test level was not enough to overcome the shutdown at least not enough to fully recover. I would head to a specialist and find out exactly what your natural test level is. Explain your problem but ask the doctor to not document any of your steroid usage. If he were to recommend test for you, anything in a medical chart can be requested for an overview by an agent for the insurance company. I know this is not exactly what you were looking for but hope any little bit helps.

homie your fuckin your self up even worse by desentizing your hpta by using Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). U dont use that to keep your sex drive up. Bro thats what test is for! After your cycle go on bromocriptine 1.25 mg in the am and pm then armidex 1mg a day. Wait a while and your see if this will work for u because it did for me. Dont use Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) anymore with your cycle!!!
question about bromocripting, will it perminantly balance prolactin levels? Or will it just lower them while taking medication?
There is a post on steroid article that will fully explain this. On a cycle prolactin will increase and inhibit testosterone. That what happend after your deca cycle. It will not permately stop prolactin. Just keep the level in check until your test levels goes back up. It will also increase your sex drive.
thanks for the advise,
I went to the doctor about an hour ago and he is doing prolactin screen, its like a weight has been lifted off my chest.
but will have to see what happens

also he is doing a thyroid screen any idea what that would have to do with??

If this does not work out I don't know what I'll do
I guess my next cylce will have to be a test cycle-got any suggestions on what will be best for this sort of thing?