Oho, Starting out


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Had a look about the different sections here, and you all seem pretty knowledgable, maybe too knowledgable for what im asking :eyes:

Just wondering how you guys would go about startin from scratch, if you werent in shape at all. Im 20 and not in great physical fitness atm, came to university last year, and ever since ive kinda been getting worse, yknow eating junk food, microwavable meals, chocolate etc...

I never was in great shape really, it never really bothred me though, ive always been pretty tall but never had a visable belly at all, so i kinda just rolled with it and took it for granted that i might be on the verge of getting fat.

Like i said, since coming to university ive started to get a belly, my thighs are a little bigger and even my calfs are a little larger. it doesnt sit well with my self esteem, so i decided to do somthing about it

At the mintue im about 6 foot 4 inches, 36" waist and 15-16St ( not sure what that is in Kilo's)

Not having ever took part in any sort of actual fitness, im not sure what exactly to be doing, but not knowing what im doing hasnt stopped me having a bash yet :)

Im pretty motivated, i want to be fit and i dont mind going through pain to get it, each night for the past week, around midnight, ive went out for a jog, maybe 200 metres down to the park or so, sit there on a curvy bench and do some stretches, then maybe run 200metres or so more, back to the bench, stretch a bit more, same again, then maybe go back inside again

I did this a bit before Xmas too, 200 meters, then 20 pressups, then 200 metres, 20 sittups etc, of course massive meals and parties over Xmas kinda killed this off, so ive felt like ive started from scratch this week

I guess what im wondering is, whats the best way to start? im not trying to look like a Pinup model (although that would be nice in the long run) id just like to get rid of this slight gut, more personal fitness, slight definition wouldnt be bad either.

Also, does temperature affect the amount of strain muscles can take, i remember going to the gym a few years ago and running on the treadmills for about 10 minutes easy, and running out here, its like 30 seconds or one minute, is running in the dead of night in winter kramping me?

Thanks for your advice guys in advance.


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fix your diet
sleep for 8 or more hours
fix your diet
balance cardio and weightlifting
don't overtrain
read page six of "do deadlift thicken waist" thread on the stickies


angry for the win!

just start by eating cleaner and doing some light exercise. If you go balls out from the beginning you are likely to burn out and quit. make your exercise program managable, not your whole life