okay fellas...this is what i have...


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i have 100 d-bol ...10 mg
10 cc bottle of norandren decca 200
10cc bottle of nandrolona decca 300
10cc bottle of test 400
6 snaps of testoprim-d
and i am getting clomid on tuesday...how much should i get?

could you experts please put a cycle of this together for me...thanks in advance
I like what pumpbreezer suggested but you might want to only run the deca for 8 or 9 weeks. If you run it through week 10 then you wont want to start clomid until week 14.
should i alternate each shot of test??

like one week shoot the testoprim-d and the next week shoot the test400?....and should i mix the two deccas together?
If you want to use it all do this:

1-2 3 amps (750mg) of testoprim-d (M,W,F)
1-9 500mg deca (1 mL of each) w/ a frontload (2mL of each the first week)
3-10 500mg (1.25 mL) of test 400
9-12 30-40mg d-bol ED

Then clomid. Good Luck.
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