OMG.... GYM+FRIENDS= strength


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i was at the gym today and i ran into some old mates i havent seen in about 2 years... we had a good laugh about some shit that had happened but then we got down to some serious training....

i am not sure wat it was but with my mates there it felt like my strength went threw the roof... i was adding 10-15 pounds to just about every exercise i was great.... i havent sweated like that for about 1 year...

could anyone explain this.....?

i have been taking very big prealoads of creatine could that have something to do with it....?
can addrenaline really do this........ if it does why arnt all the bro shooting addrenaline...?
oh, try and find some purified adrenaline...tell me when you get some :) ...this is sorta like that movie with that luunie lawyer and that dude in las vegas...uhm dunno what its called again..fear and loathing in las vegas I think :) They shot adrenaline or something like that..mad rush :)
a mate of mine that use to live in sydney use to shoot it every time he took xtc....

not sure why..... but it is available...

he use to steal them out of first aid kits i think... he never told me where he got it from...
It is hardwired into you to want to have a 'strong' showing in front of your fellow 'mates'.... If you don't look good and show everyone how strong you are how will the females know who is the best to breed with? This happens to me all the time... Nice rush to work out with 'the boys' again.
Dude you need to find a training partner then!

You need to be that motivated everytime you are in the gym! you better be getting a sweat on
Post your stats!
It's pretty easy to get adrenaline, buy some epipens (sp?) for bee stings and shit. It's just adrenaline and pretty easy to find. I was scared to use it for the gym though, I don't know much about it and didn't want to fuck my heart up or something.