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dropped by the AF store today and saw this. It seems like something that is right up my alley. I have a lot of stress and I have a hard time relaxing, even with valium. Just wondering if anyone here had tried it?
This is from the website.

What is P-SEVEN?

P-SEVEN is a topical mood enhancer. It also has immune and a metabolic acceleration effects.

How does P-SEVEN work?

It is rubbed into the skin. The advanced solution puts the 7-oxo-DHEA and Pregnenolone into the very skin itself.

What exactly are the active ingredients 7-oxo-dhea and Pregnenolone?

They are both neurosteroids which are naturally occurring chemicals in your body that are not hormonal. Pregnenolone, once inside your body, becomes one of many of the neurochemicals that are critical to mood balance and libido. 7-oxo-dhea is a form of DHEA that is not hormonal and does not convert to other hormones.

What are the benefits of using P-SEVEN?

Most users notice a fairly rapid onset of calm and a sense of tranquility and well being. These are the more noticeable and immediate results. Its other positive effects on immune system and metabolic acceleration become apparent over time. Some users, dependant on a number of factors to great to delve into here, will notice significant improvement to libido.

What if I just take these supplements separately?

It is the special mixture used in P-SEVEN that provide the desired effects, alone neither is nearly as effective. These compounds also have low oral bioavailability, which means that they are not very effective when taken orally. Pregnenolone in particular is rapidly broken down. The topical application of these insures greater availability and a longer more even release of these beneficial compounds into the skin.
I have heard that Pseven really helps with fina sides. How accurate is this? anyone here try them together?
It's great for fina sides. I was on my 8th week when I first started P7 and my sleep and libido came back by the 4th day.
ulter....i heard it would be good to use after using t3 in a cycle as well....what is the reasoning behind it? i will post over at AF if you don't see this....thanks
I would have to ask Macro about that I am still learning all that P7 does. He's more likely to see this at AF.
i wonder how well it would work on someone who is bipolar? Not as a treatment or cure but perhaps to help when depression spells hit. Want to test it out AF guys? i donate my body to science.
Several of the people on Elite and one on AF are using it for anxiety conditions. We can't recommend that because the FDA doesn't allow supps to be sold as "treatments" of any illness, but it's working very well for them.