Pain in my Biceps


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Hey, I've got this pain in my bicep and it extends to the middle of the arm.

I'm not sure whether it's a strain, or tear etc?

It hurts when i try to straightrn the arm and most of the pain cmes from the middle(Front of Elbow).

I just started training 2 days ago due to lay-off result from ijury.

It werent that bad in the morining but I did some bicep curls with dumbells. Could it be because of that?
how did you get the pain? What exercises did you do? What weight did you use? Rep scheme? Sets?

Right now I have a comparable pain but mine is due to heavy curling (80lb single handed db curls on preacher curl bench, 295lb lat pull downs for 7 and rows with 300-450lbs as well as close grip benching for tris at 385lbs, french presses with 200lb db's) I know for certain that this pain is from heavy lifting because it began to occur when I switched over to an exclusively heavy low volume training routine. Especially in my left arm... it is almost identical to your pain. I find that getting proper rest and nutrition pretty much resolves the pain in about three days.
You may have damaged the biceps tendon attachments to the forearm. It should heal, but may take time. Any deformity when you flex the biceps? (rupture of one of the heads will cause this).
The teno-periosteal junction (where the tendon merges into the periosteum, or covering of the bone) is one of the most highly innervated structures in the body. That's why even micro-tears in this area hurt so much. You may want to AVOID antiinflammatories for now; they can inhibit the normal healing response.
I think it is like a I've neva had one in the arm before..but your right..It hurts like hell, and its annoying cuz i can't even stretch my arm.

I did light dumbells, I'm sure I wasn't overtraining.

Also, when I was doing curl my bicep was tensing up.