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Has any one ever torn the muscle under their chest cavity? I did it the other day and it kills. The worst is when I role around in bed it seems to pull at it.
I went to the Doctor today and they ran an EKG on me and she said something about my polar...something was taking too long, so now I have too get a cardiogram tomorrow. I also had a resting heart rate of 100!!!! This is terrible, three years ago I had a resting heart rate of 60 when I was playing hockey. I will get back to you guys with what I find out but she also said my chest pain was muscular and gave me predinizone. I have heard this can break down muscle. On the positive side she gave me a script for 20 percs!
prednisone is bad news. It knocks down inflamation but it eats muscle mostly in your arms and legs. My legs actually ache while on that shit. Studies have shown that it can also break down the cartilage in your hips and other areas. I was on it for 24 days last summer and soon after I herniated a disc in my back and had to get surgery. I am sure it was from the prednisone. Your strength will go down immediately, be careful while lifting on that shit.