Peptides Production Banned in China/Stock List/NJ Warehosue/


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Hello, Dear Sir or Madam,

This is Jacky, the Sales Manager of SWpeptides Team.

According to the Stringent Policies by the Chinese government, Peptides manufacturers must be shut down in April !!!! It will take a heavy toll on the supply for the American markets.

We stock huge quantities of Peptides, 99% HGH, HCG, Sarms & Steroids raw powder in CXA&NJ Warehouses now. And our production and supply will remain steady in the long term.


Why us:

1 Quality Guaranteed: HPLC, MS, COA by the MZ Biolabs available.

2 Shipped from NJ&CA warehosuses, by USPS/UPS, shipping time: 3-5 days. 100% delivery promised.

3 Flexible payment methods: Bitcoin/US Domestic Bank Transfer/Zelle.

NJ Peptides & HGH Stock List

ItemSpecificationQuantity/ vials
99% HGH 191 AA10 iu560
99% HGH 191 AA10 iu660
97% HGH 191 AA10 iu940
97% HGH 191 AA10 iu510
HCG5000 iu960
CJC 1295 DAC2 mg170
CJC 1295 NO DAC2 mg290
CJC 1295 NO DAC5 mg90
PT 14110 mg230
Melanotan 2 (with mannitol)10 mg520
Melanotan 2 (without mannitol)10 mg0
GHRP-25 mg180
GHRP-65 mg330
Ipamorelin2 mg460
Ipamorelin5 mg270
Hexarelin2 mg130
Sermorelin2 mg210
Sermorelin5 mg240
TB 5002 mg170
TB 5005 mg910
BPC 1575 mg1060
HGH Fragment 176-1912 mg480
HGH Fragment 176-1915 mg530
Tesamorelin2 mg250
DSIP2 mg100
Selank5 mg190
AOD 96042 mg0
Adipotide/ FTPP2 mg60
Semax5 mg220
MOTS-C10 mg200
Epithalon10 mg100
Semaglutide2 mg360
Semaglutide5 mg720
GHK-CU50 mg160
IGF-1 LR31mg330
For Steroids Stock List, Kindly contact me if any questions.

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Swpeptides Team
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