pin jumps out of my leg, wtf?


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was doing a quad shot last night and when i put it in, everything was going well. as soon as i got to the last quarter inch, i must have hit something because my leg jerked and the fuckin pin flew out of my leg. i assume that i just hit a nerve? and yes, i changed the needle with a clean one and injected again perfectly fine.

That's happened to me a few times. The worst was doing the bi's. I was sitting in my car because my wife was home and I wanted to hit the bi's before I worked them out. So here I am on the side of the road like a god damn heroin addict and had the 1" pin in about half way in and my whole bicep flexed unexpectedly and it flew out. Seeing as how I only had the one pin (the other one for the right was already used) I had to reinject. Talk about not fun.
that exact same thing happened to me last week...i was like wtf??? but its all good...just hit a nerve
same thing happened to me, I had a small bruise on my leg for about 2 weeks, hurt like hell. don't hit legs anymore, too much bad luck there for me.
happens to me like 20% of the time i do quads, so i quit doing quads. although i do hit a nerve rarely on delts
When I was pushing the pin in my leg jerked one time but I kept pushing and everthing was fine. I guess I hit something on the way in. Scared me at first but I knew it was momentary. The pin flew out huh? That would be weird.
Thats what happens when i go slow, I just jab thta baby in like my EMT friend showed me, even if it hits a nerve, you usuall dont have time to react and have the pin fly out.