Pinada from Mexico


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What is your thoughts on this? While in Cancun, you come back with a stuffed Pinada. HMMMM....will thay bust your Pinada? Can you carry on a small one? If not, can you send it through like luggage? Chances of getting caught? Brainstorm with me here to all "vets" out there.
Pinatas are EMPTY when you buy them. So if you tried to bring a FILLED one across it will definitely be checked. They will simply pick it up, and if it is heavy, then they will open it up!

Sounds risky, I wouldn't try it.
I think my ass being a pinada would be fun! Excellent idea House...with the shampoo bottle. I have over 1000 dollars in airfare vouchers and it expires in August. I want to make the most of it. Would you go to Tiajuana or Cancun? And how in the hell does it all get over here? (in pure form)