Pinnacle Laboratories INC. USA Winstrol Oral Suspension

Miguel Cruz

New member
Please help. I have obtained a 60ml multi-dose vial 25mg/ml of Winstrol Oral Suspension (anabolic hormone). It is oil based and has a dropper top on it. Can someone tell me anything about this one? I cant seem to find any references online anywhere. It's from Pinnacle Laboritories INC. USA. Says for Oral use only. It taste like the smell of plastic/rubber with a warm spredding feeling on the tounge. The smell reminds me of a brand new fishing lure. The bottle is clear and has a white label Lot No.2005/07 Exp. 01Aug2009. Each ml contains 25mg Stanozolol/Winstrol for oral use only. If anyone knows anything about this product please help with any references! Thanks so much!