Please Critique My Cycle


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Here is the cycle I am about to begin. I'm looking to build some lean muscle mass and burn fat. Let me know what you think.

test prop 325mg/wk 1-8
deca 450mg/wk 1-10
eq 200mg/wk 1-10
winny 200mg/wk 1-10
novaldex 20mg/day week 1-10
t-3 50mcg/day week 1-5

help me out and give me all your opinions and suggestions. I'm ready for it.
To be quite honest with you I don't like it at all.....don't even know where to start .......LOL

Maybe if you give us your stats- age, weight, height and cycle experience c/w doses, we'll be better able to build you a cycle that makes sense.

And try to pick one goal, either bulk, cut, or a lean mass cycle.
Alright I'm 5-9 220lbs. I have done 4 previous cycles. First two were test alone 200mg/wk for 10 weeks. the next was test and deca dont remember the dosages and then deca and winni. I have been working out for about 8 months now, recovering from knee surgery, and now I want that boost. My previous test cycles were okay, but I was young and didnt know how to workout, or much about how gear works. I had great result with the deca and test, and even better with deca and winni. Now I want to really put it all together. I would like to burn some excess fat that I'm having trouble with losing with diet alone, and I would like to put on some lean muscle mass. Next I would like to do an extreme cutting cycle. Here is the list of gear I have:

Test Prop 250mg
deca 300mg
eq 200mg
winni 50mg
novaldex 20mg
t-3 25mcg
clen .4mcg

Hope you guys can help, I thought I was close to forming up a good cycle, but I guess I was wrong.
How about something like this;

Weeks 1-13........125 mg Prop EOD (437 mg/wk)
Weeks 1-10........EQ 400 mg/week
Weeks 8-13........50 mg Winstrol (winny) ED
T3 & Clen as you see fit.
Start post cycle therapy (pct) two days after last Prop injection.
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stonecold, what is that second one. you didnt put which gear for 400mg/week. Also, I'm assuming you think I should not use one either the EQ, or Deca. Could you explain why, just so I can have a better understanding, dont want you to think I'm questioning you, just want to have a better understanding. A last, do you feel that nolvadex is sufficient for PCT.
Ok......I went back and edited it, should have been EQ. My reasoning for the EQ over Deca is to make it more of a lean mass cycle.

Yes I think Nolvadex would be sufficient for post cycle therapy (pct), but you might want to use some Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) in there as well.