Please!! Need first cycle advice of any sort.


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I'm 21 years old, 5'9", 205 lbs, 12-15% bf. I've been considering a cycle for months and now I'm about ready. I've been training for five years, have the ability to get any over the counter supplement I want and eat as much as I need. Unfortunately I am still nervous about starting a cycle without some real good advice. I'm looking on putting on and retaining at least 15 lbs of muscle and cutting up for summer.

I was looking at a Deca cycle for 6 weeks. I wanted to stack it with Sustanon (sust). I was going to run the Deca @ 200 mg a week. Sustanon (sust). @250 mg a week. What are the anti-e's I should take and what should I have on hand? Also what side effects should I be worried about? Tell me anything, even if it seems obvious.