possible next cycle


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Until recently I was planning on running a 12wk prop/eq cycle. The thing is my last two cycles have contained eq and after about 8wks I wanna eat everything in site. So here is what I'm thinking of running next.

wks 1-10 test prop @100mg eod
wks 5-10 Winstrol (winny) @ 50mged

I'm 22, 193lbs and 5.1%bf(I didn't believe it so I had two different trainers check it with different calipers and both came up with the same thing)

Anyway I'm just trying to add 12-15 lbs while staying in the single digits bf. Diet and workout routine are in order. What do you guys think of the above cycle?

Thanks guys.
I don't see the point of running Winstrol (winny) at the end. You are already lean as hell. You don't need to lose BF. I would suggest using the EQ again. What you need is the hunger to pack on the size. Just choose the foods that are right for you, basically eat clean.

You will def. still be in the single digits and pack on some good size at the same time!!

Good Luck!
Your bodyfat bis already low as hell. I would actually drop the Winstrol (winny) and add some Deca for lean muscle mass with minimal fat gain and concentate just on keeping your diet high protein moderate carbs low fat. I just took 250mg on Deca ate 350gm protein and abt. 250 carbs a day and at 5'11 250lbs. keep BF at 7.0%, is GOOD STUFF