Post-Workout Carbs during contest diet


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Do all you contest dieters still consume simple carbs post workout?

What about Pre-workout, anyone taking any simple carbs?

Reason I ask is that I use PlasmaVol for Pre and Post training and just started my mock-contest diet last Monday. Wondering if you all think I am okay to keep the PlasmaVol in for Pre and Post or I if I should just use it for Post.

For those who dont know, 1 full serving of PlasmaVol contains about 48 grams of simple carbs like Dextrose and others. Also contains Creatine and Im not worried about that as any water held b/c of the Creatine can get flushed out pretty quickly once usage is ceased. (I currently am taking 1 full serving before training and 1 right after)

My daily carb intake right now was dropped from about 400-500 grams to 300. So 100 of those 300 is from the PlasmaVol, thoughts please.
i never was really "contest ready" in my shape but when i was dieting down to look better then my blocky stocky bulked self i still consumed simple carbs post workout, i would consume 2 pieces of fruit pre workout for added energy....although my diet was mainly a lower carb style diet.....
I have in the past kept my post workout carbs in my diet, but last year to get in my best shape ever, I dropped them out and ending up getting much leaner...But I felt I lost some muscle...

Oh, I must have overlooked this thread. Oops.
In my opinion, carbs are still very important following your training even when dieting. We need to maintain the energy stores to protect our muscle. Notice how drained you feel after a good posing session and as soon as you put in some carbs, you feel better? In terms of the Plasmavol, your body will use the carbs in that up very quickly. You will be going off the Plasmavol at least two weeks before your show anyway will you not? I normally take my clients off Creatine 2-4 weeks away from the show anyway, need to flush any of that excess water.
Sorry I'm so late with my two cents Biggie.;)
I keep a post workout shake of a lean body mrp and an ultra fuel. Thats 690 cals, 45 protein and 124 grams of carbs. Six weeks out I drop the ultra fuel. Saves 400 cals a day and I gett leaner on a daily basis without changing my other meals until the final week.