Power lifting/Bbing Training Split


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I was just driving home from the gym thinking. On Sunday I did heavy deadlifts for the first time in a looooong time... needless to say I've been pretty much crippled from lower back soreness until today. I don't mind DOMS as it usually indicates you've stressed a set of muscles that you don't hit very often and it tells me I need to work them more to develop them.

Anyways.. so I was thinking about changing my training split and I wanted to see if any of you do anything like this, or have any thoughts about it. Right now I have pretty much just a straight bber work out where I do a different bodypart each day and then take 2 consecutive days off for rest.

This is my new idea:

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Heavy power movements (I.E. Deads, Rack Pulls, Hang Cleans, etc..)

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Chest/calves/Tris

Saturday: Back/abs/Bis

Sunday: Quads/Hams

Monday: Shoulders/Traps

I'm a big fan of strict form, so on all but the power day.. Iwould use moderate/heavy weight, focus on form and aim for 6-10 reps. Usually pyramiding up in weight, down in reps. 2-4 sets each.

Any thoughts, suggestions, or gripes?

One potential problem I see is Monday you're working your traps, but then 2 days later you're hitting them w/heavy power movements. Might overtrain the traps.
hmm.. good point. I'm not really sure how I'd remedy that since I typically work traps with shoulders, and I'm left pretty weak after chest and back days. I try to hit those two and then rest my upper body by hitting my legs, and then return to the upper body.

I guess if that's the only potential problem I could give it a shot anyway and see how I feel. Maybe I do high volume reps for traps on shoulder day for the extra stimulation, and then hit em hard with the power movements otherwise. Anyone else have any ideas?