Powerlifter to bber ratio at your gym ??


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Whats the powerlifter to bber ratio at your gym ??

Up here it is probably powerlifter 3: to bodybuilder 1:

I think it has to do with the location, up here bbing does not have all that big of a scene, so most people would just rather be strong, & since the temps up here most of the year require clothing, most people probably figure they dont see the need to be in good condition since one is usually mostly clothed...

Prob somthing like PL 6 BB 4 (Me and my friends, closest we got) and 1003495495 regular people.
In my years of working out in Jersey, from a world gym to a NY fitness club to smaller gyms, to a golds at school in West Virginia i may have only seen 3-5 powerlifters total. I joined my first gym, a world in Montville NJ 10 years ago.
I train as a PL'er in a basement, so we're 100% PL.

The commercial gym that we go to on occasion has no powerlifters that I'm aware of. Just no good equipment for it, and they don't allow chalk.
In NJ pl's seem to be few. There are plenty of people who lift to stay in shape but none who attempt power style lifts, at least at the gyms I've been a member of. My first gym was a fitness swin club that cost too much- there were none of either there. My second was one of the Powerhouses that was in Manhattan. It was run by bb's and had some training there.

I'm currently at Gold's, also owned by bb's.