Pre-Workout energy?


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What is a good thing to take for energy pre-workout? Do any of you take anything. Im gonna be workin a lot soon, so im gona need the extra motivation. If it matter, i take a preworkout (30min) shake of 20g protein, 40g complex carbs.
I definately do not eat before...i get to tired and bloated, same if i drink a shake...i found to eph hcl tabs and a half an aspirin 15 minutes before training works well....

When I REALLY need a kick in the ass, I drink a cup of coffee. Most days I eat some high on the GI list (oatmeal, apple, etc) for a slight kick in the butt...
I knew a powerlifter (HUGE guy times 2) who used to have 3 cups of coffee and 2 Xenadrine before he worked out. If you could picture the look on his face, you'd laugh. I promise.
Well I've had an eca stack before I workout at 7:30 and it didn't affect my sleeping. I guess as long as you work your ass off, you'll be alright. Either that or take it an hour before you're ready to workout? I'm sure someone knows better. Anyone?