Prolab creatine

I'm going to make the purchase this week and I need a descision urgently, which one should i buy, i want the purest and cheapest.

SportLab straight creatine monohydrate is definately good quality. Also, their PlasmaVol is their post-workout drink. Iced Tea Quencher tastes awesome.
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i just bought:

GNC Creatine (the one mixed with all those diffrent other things) for 65$ CDN (after taxes)

the lady said there is the Prolab Creatine (sold out i wonder why..) and its the pure kind (not mixed with the delivery system) but she said that gives you stomach problems and doesent digest very easily, also required a loading period and the GNC does not.

I have 90 days for refund/exchange, what do u guys thik?
i dont really trust on-line buying (specially for things i will be consumming) i'm asking for advice if it's the right chocice i made for my purchase, since the prolab creatine is much cheaper but this one does not require loading phase and has better delivery.