protein drinks/shakes


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i normally take sum Optimum Nutrition, but ive seen so many ready to drink proteins in a bottle. ISopure, ABB, EAS, any of them actually good, and is it worth the money. powders are becoming a hassle for me.
im in college and in a drom i have no kitchen and i have to use a blender for it not to clump..its a pain to always have milk on hand and clean the blender after each use.
The "ready to drink" shakes are way over priced in my opinion. I also drink Optimun and it is very easy to use. Buy a few of those shaker containers ( forget a blender and milk) add water and a scoop of mix. Shake it up and drink. The next time you go down the hallway to the bathroom, rinse out the shaker with some soap and water.
Most of them are loaded with sugar and preservatives as well...
in my mind if the protein powder clumps up its garbage. look into whey isolates. more expensive but much better. stays in your system better not as much waste if you know what i mean.
i sometimes wonder about the quality of protein in RTD's, but why spend $3 on 30grams of protein when you van get 30 grams for like $.30 with a powder