Protein Paranoia: What is There to Fear?

Damn dude....stop scaring me he he. Well I don't know I am going to do some more research. Good post though
I knew all the others the bones loss i doubt look at bodybuilder and how their bones get larger and its well know from diet and training. Here is what i found at end of article to maybe counter the bone loss.

cut and pasted:
We already saw how early concerns regarding protein and calcium can be attributed to studies that failed to include enough calcium or phosphorous in the high-protein diets.
we all know the more ya eat the more hard your organs have to work to breakdown protein, foods.
Thats why I always stated football player BBr's or obese people whom eat a lot will have health problems later in life as they consume much more food intake than average person making organs work harder leading to earlier failure of the organs to breakdown.
Protein rocks.

Let em stick to their low protein (no doubt high carb/high fat) diet & see where that gets em.

Obese lardies staring wantingly at our "unhealthy through protein" bods!!!!