Proven fat burners?


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Hey guys,

Been out of the loop for awhile and was wondering what are the best fat burners on the market these days? Proven fat burners? I'm pretty fit, work out about 4+ days a week depending on work, but looking or something to give me that extra boost.

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Aboot said:
Ephedrine is your best bet.

Excuse my ignorance, but like I said I've been out of the loop for a while on supps and things...I thought ephedrine was banned? I actually used to use this a few years ago, but not for a long time. Can this still be purchased legally? If you can't answer this I understand, I just didn't think it was legal anymore.
Aboot said:
Yes, it is again legal in the US after the courts overturned the ban a while ago.

Really, cool...thanks. I'll check the local Super-America, was always cheap there :) .
ephedrine hcl is still legal and better, though some states only allow ephedrine with guaifenesin.

there is an ongoing legal battle over ephedra, its still technically in limbo as its on appeal
macro said:
though some states only allow ephedrine with guaifenesin.

This is all I can actually find in my area. I used to be able to get the straight ephendrine at the Super America, but they no longer carry it.
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