Puffy Nipples


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A friend on mine stopped a 35 day cycle of Winstrol (winny) @ 50mgs a day about 7 days ago. Since then, his nipples have been a little puffy, no pain, no little balls in there...he is now taking nolva. 20 mgs for 6 days and 10mgs for 8. This is all the nolva he could find....

Do you think the puffiness is gyno...I was always told that Winstrol (winny) would not do that?
Well, if he has stopped, it's not directly the Winstrol (winny). It's more likely the fact that the Winstrol (winny) has shut down his test, and this *may* have thrown off his test/estrogen ration. Nandi seems to think that is the main cause for gyno, but who knows.
Winny better not cause gyno, since I'm using it for a gyno reduction cycle (lipomastia i.e. "puffy nips"). Tex/Nandi's argument is valid, also valid would be post-cycle cortisol upregulation causing localized fat deposits in sensitive areas.
I read this board all the time but didn't realize that was my first post. Anyway, I'm glad to be here and hope to learn quite a bit from you all.
I have never heard of Winstrol (winny) causing gyno,in fact some people use it to prevent gyno(progesterone gyno).
Really, anything that alters your natural hormone levels can cause gyno, one way or another, by mechanisms not fully understood. To be safe I would run nolva through any cycle regardless of what it is, and use an aromotase-inhibitor post-cycle to block E formation when natty test comes back online.