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always injected in the glutes. may try the quads next week. how many cc's can the quads handle and is there anything special i should know. thanks guys :)


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i've only had one to really hurt bad... i think i missed the muscle or went through it.. did a shot on wed and on friday morning i couldnt walk on right leg...it was very sore to the touch on the top and inside of thigh and on teardrop muscle.. i couldnt put any pressure on that leg at all... its finally better today but still sore...

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I just started doing quad shots this cycle...I love em, but haven't done more than 2.5 cc's at any one time. Also, I have read that you are supposed to hit the middle/center part of the thigh, but I like to do the upper/outside quadrent...very rarely have an issue..did hit a nerve the other day..yeoww....


thatnks guys, did my first quad shot. i only have 23 g 1.5 so i only stuck it in about a inch. upper ouside of quad. no blood. looked like it went real good


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If you divide the front of your leg like tic tac toe the outer middle section is the best for me. Hardly ever soar. Thats just me.


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youll find its a love or hate thing with most people here. some have had bad experiences and have sworn off them. others love quad shots. myself I like using them, theyre easy to reach and can hold a good amount of oil. Also if you ave an ED or EOD rotation, youll find you have to hit them up sometime. however I wouldnt reccomend shooting prop or sustanon in a quad. ouch!