Question about protein digestion!?


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Just slowly started working out after a 7 week layoff and putting my diet in check - hight protein, moderate-low carbs...started the cardio/weights.

I began drinking Next Nutrition Designer Whey protein 3x day shaked with water - along with flax seed oil, multivitamins...

However, i've begun shitting 2-3x a day and it's pretty liquified (sorry for the description). Am I shitting out my protein!??? I would drink it (the protein for you sickos out there) before bed, and next morning (either after running or breakfast), shit out liquidy poo. If i drink it during the day, i might have to shit again a few hours later...I don't know if this is enough time to be absorbing it or just a complete waste.

I'm only partially lactose intolerant (i.e. I can eat cereal with regular milk/ice cream no problem, but a glass of milk would kill my stomach, so i switch to lactaid). I never had this problem with EAS simply protein. But i don't know if it's just my body adjusting to the new diet and working out (or even the flax seed oil). This Designer Whey is supposed to be ultra-isolated with and 98-99% lactose free...

Any comments? Suggestions? Should I buy different protein, or should I stick to what i got for a while as my body adjusts? i'm considering simply protein again or Optimum Nutrition's 5lb size...

Thanks bros...
I dont know about everyone else but I took like 3 shits a day for about a week untill my body adjusted to protien shakes. I only drink one thick ass shake in the morning which is weight gainer 2000, 4 scoops, its thick as hell, and 2 bananas. My poopies are solid baby!!! LOL:) :rolleyes: :mad: :mad: :mad: :confused: :D :bootyshak
I just do one whey powder shake/day and maybe a bar too if I'm bulking and need an extra snack for while at work/school... eat as much whole food as possible.
I usually eat a Bowl of Irish oats mixed with a cup of skim milk and a scoop of designer whey mixed in the morning. Has like 10 grams of fiber that should bind u up well