Question on Third cycle


Been There Done That
This is my third cycle,
Last cycle was -
1-4 30mg dbol ed
1-10 500mg deca ew
1-12 600mg test cyp ew
This is what I have now for my third cycle & want to know what I
could do with it...
500, 5mg Dbol's
26 mL test cyp @ 250mg
26 mL deca @ 300mg
26 mL sus @ 250mg
I don't mind the water gain & I bulk up fast. I'm currently at
206lbs & workout four days a week. What do you all think?
Oh I'm 31 yrs old....


Lift, eat, sleep and grow
You are doing a lot of gear for a second and third cycle but you are where you are I guess.


Lift, eat, sleep and grow
Well some schools of thought is the more you do the more you have to do next time. It is not uncommon for a first cycle to run 500 mgs of test for 10 to 12 weeks and gain 25 lbs. So why run all that gear if you don't have to? Now you are on the treadmill trying to outrun diminishing gains. I could be wrong. It's just an opinion.


Sauce Monster
i got away w low dosages for my first four cycles. I would blow up off all of them now this cycle i had to tweak up a little bit.